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Reverse IP Lookup – Find Domain Names Associated With An IP Address

How to perform a Reverse IP Lookup by using the IP Intelligence tool in IP Neighborhood.


Reverse IP Lookup Benefits

Uncover domain names associated with an IP address.

  • Monitor domain name portfolios;
  • Uncover your competitors domain names;
  • Reveal test and development web sites;
  • Monitor new initiatives;

IP Intelligence supports multiple domain name extensions including top-level domains (TLD’s) such as .com and country-code domains (ccTLD’s) including .com.au.


How Can I Use This In My Business?

The IP Intelligence tool has broad appeal across multiple industries. Here are just a few ways that you can use a Reverse IP Lookup:

Investigators and Law Enforcement

  • Cybercrime – Identify domain names hosted on the same IP address that are associated with phishing, malware and ecrime;


  • Discover domain name registrations that may have been made in “bad faith”;
  • Provide additional detail in briefing notes prior to arbitration or mediation;
  • Add value to your clients;

Security and Fraud Prevention Professionals

  • Uncover related web sites in your investigations into phishing and spam;

Competitive Intelligence & Strategy Managers

  • Discover competitors new domain name acquisitions;
  • Uncover test and development web sites;
  • Reveal new projects and initiatives;

Brand Managers

  • Monitor emerging brands in the marketplace;
  • Stay up to date with what your competitors are doing;

Domain Name Brokers

  • Find out domain names owned by a buyer or seller;
  • Get a better understanding as to a buyers capacity to pay more for a domain name;

Internet Marketers

  • Identify web sites owned by 3rd parties;
  • Find related terms in your niche (based on the keywords found in domain names);
  • Improve your SEO by researching your clients competitors;


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